Hello friends! I know it’s been several months since my last update. I’ve had to take a step back from the blogging to focus on writing some other things (*cough cough my thesis cough cough*). During all this time away, I have also reevaluated my lifting lifestyle.

Some of you already know my long-time teammate and love is an amateur strongman competitor who eats like a heathen 9-times a day which is vastly different compared to my dainty, carefully measured out meals 6-times a day. He knows how much I enjoy lifting heavy and how difficult it was for me to watch my strength decline during my dieting, so after nagging me for several weeks I decided to compete in a powerlifting meet… A little less than a week away. Now, don’t panic! I’ve been training for about 5 weeks for this meet with guidance from him and his coach. I may not have the experience and long-term training on my side, but I am tiny and I am mighty and I am filled with carbs (or I will be in a few days)!

As for my current stats, I pulled 285 on deadlift two weeks ago, haven’t touched 135 on bench since the beginning of the year, and hit a beautiful and easy 200 on squat two weeks ago. Bench has always been a struggle for me because I don’t like to ask for a spot and I’m still getting my back cramping under control. I’m incredibly happy with my deadlift work as of late- I hit 275 for a double last week (which according to John is “NUTS!”). I will be competing in the 60-kg weight class at the USPA Queens of the Iron meet in ATX. I’ll be getting to compete against many strong women from around the state, and maybe I’ll make a few strong friends while I’m there!

I’m super excited that I’ll also get to meet up with my bff while we are in town! She runs the blog The Graduated Equestrian. Check her out if you’re a horse junkie like us!

As for bodybuilding… Don’t fret. I plan to start dieting again right after the meet this weekend. That will put me about 20 weeks out from the Lee Labrada Classic. With some recent life events that have put a significant dent in my already sad bank account balance, I’ve decided to aim to compete in only one competition this year. I’ve made decent gains in my muscle density in my back and delts, but I have a lot of work to do in order to lean out my midsection and lower body and balance out my upper body.

I’ll definitely be needing some input on what suit to get! Don’t forget to follow me and my adventures on Instagram (@csh9593)! Sorry my IG handle isn’t something @insertsassyname_fit related (lol).

Happy Lifting!!