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December 2015

Getting Back To It

Saturday marked the beginning of 13 weeks of strict dieting and working out… again. I’m honestly sick of looking in the mirror and seeing all of the progress that I lost over my four week break, and I’m excited to start seeing changes again. I’ve already dumped all my junk food (on my family) and thrown out almost everything that could tempt me (minus my roommates’ food). I’m really excited to start seeing progress again.

I won’t order my competition suit for another 4-5 weeks (8 weeks out from competition), but each day is torture because I’m super excited to finally get it! As promised, I have begun testing the products I ordered from Amazon. So far, only two have arrived: Hair Away by Muscle Up and Show Shine by Muscle Up. The hair away is the first one I have tested, and the only one I have tested, so far. Unfortunately, the directions require that I apply a small amount to a small area for 2 minutes and then rinse and wait for 24 hours to make sure I do not have an allergic reaction to the product. Once I am reaction-free, I can test the product on a larger surface area, applying a thick layer for 4-5 minutes. This product makes John happy because now he won’t be stuck trying to shave the parts of me I can’t reach prior to tanning for competition lol.

So, while my gym is closed for another week, I have resorted to buying $60 worth of home equipment from WalMart to get me through. I bought:

  • Pull Up Bar
  • 15 lb Kettlebell
  • Yoga Mat Knee Pad
  • Roll Out Wheel (I’ve actually had this)
  • Jump Rope


Today, I tried a mild full-body circuit consisting of 5 sets of:

  1. 10 roll outs
  2. 10 push ups
  3. Body weight squats to failure
  4. 5 chin ups
  5. 10 bicep curls per arm with the kettlebell

I want to see how my body handles that tomorrow before increasing the number of sets or the intensity. Lord knows how I like to jump back into my work outs full throttle and barely be able to walk the next day. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes, and when I come up with more circuits to try I’ll share them with you! John bought me a pair of custom sized cross fit lifting gloves for Christmas that I’m super excited to start using! But alas, I cannot for a while. I’m able to start breaking them in with my kettlebell though lol.


Have any questions about competition prep, dieting, or work outs? Give me a shout!

Happy lifting!

Hell Week(end)

I know it’s been a long time since I last checked in with y’all, but a lot has happened. Last week i submitted all of my work and school is officially over with until January 19th. I finally made it back to the gym for a killer leg work out last Wednesday, and I was still feeling the pain through Saturday. Also, I came down with a nasty case of tonsillitis that I’m still bouncing back from on Friday. I had gone to the doctor on Thursday complaining of throat pain, knowing what it was, but the doctor told me that it was probably a respiratory infection that he could do nothing about.  So, I sucked it up and sure enough Friday I woke up with a 100.1 degree fever and my throat was nearly swollen shut. Of course, I went back to the doctor (a different doctor), shaking and rocking the whole time in pain, and he was convinced I had tonsillitis. I immediately began antibiotics and I have been on the up-and-up since then, thank goodness. Poor John came to visit this weekend and got stuck taking care of me. He was a real trooper though.

Just two more days of work before I go to Dallas for Christmas with my family, and just 5 more days until I begin my strict diet again. I’m super freaking excited, but I know it’ll be a struggle because I’ve been eating sugar again. My Secret Santa at work got me an entire jumbo tub of Nutella… Yup. The struggle is totally real right now. And work is torture because sweets and junk food is everywhere right now. Fingers crossed for a successful restart!

I recently purchased several goodies from Amazon for competition that I’m excited to try out. I bought:

  • Pro Tan Show-Shine Ultra-Light Posing Oil
  • Performance Brands Bikini Bite Suit Fastener
  • Pro Tan Overnight Competition Color
  • Pro Tan Get Buffed Pre-Tan Body Scrub Skin Balancing Exfoliator
  • Performance Brands Hair Away Creme
  • Bridal earrings (also for competition)

I’m definitely going to test these products myself prior to using them for competition in March, and I’ll definitely include a full review of each product when I do! I still have a lot more to purchase, but they will have to wait until after Christmas when I have money (lol).

I wish I could work out tomorrow, but the Rec center will be closed for the next two weeks so I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do about that yet. But I’ll let you know what I do!


Happy lifting!

I Heart Back Day

Seriously. I heart me some back work outs. Lats especially! I don’t really have normal “girly lats” either; I have what have been referred to as “wings” on multiple occasions by multiple people. It seems to be the most impressive muscle group on me at this point. They definitely stand out for sure.

I meant to get this work out posted on Tuesday after I KILLED it. Even though my time was limited, I squeezed in as much as I could with what little time I had. I included some bicep work outs to help them grow.

  • Deadlift Ladder: Warm up set at 155 8-10 reps, 2×8 205, 1×3 235, 2×1 245, and back down
  • 6×12 35 lbs hammer curls
  • 6×12 100-110 lbs seated trap rows
  • 6×5-8 30 lbs single-arm curls on the pulley
  • 6×8 55 lbs each side seated rows
  • 4×8 40 lbs overhead press & upright rows

I honestly hate upright rows and overhead press because they’re really uncomfortable for my deltoid tendons and wrists; I usually feel a rolling sensation that I shouldn’t be feeling in my shoulders. I may try the pulley instead of a bar next time and see if it helps.

Have any struggle groups you need to work on?

Happy lifting!


Chest Day

It’s been a while since I last shared a work out, and since I’m trying to make some major gains chest wise I figured there must be other women out there looking to challenge these muscles (even if they don’t want to admit it). Let’s face it: When was the last time you heard a woman of any age or training expertise say aloud, “I seriously need to work on my chest. My bench press is so weak!” Women typically just don’t like working their chest. Most women have the assumption they’ll get bulky when lifting at any point. If you still have this mentality after reading all these blog posts and seeing my progress pictures… Get out. Just kidding. But seriously, let’s be real right now.

I have abnormally high testosterone, and I have had this condition since I was 15 years old. Even with this extra testosterone, I am not bulky. If you think I am… Well, I’m sorry you feel that way. I am 5’2.5″ and 115 lbs of adorable kickassness, NOT bulky. I have curves, and I have muscle. You CAN have the best of both worlds, I promise!

So, don’t avoid training your pectoral muscles or even your shoulders (as long as you take those slowly and carefully); you will NOT get bulky (unless you’re on steroids and then you’re SOL). Training chest along with all other muscle groups helps balance you out, both in strength and aesthetically. My dream is to be able to bench press 135 lbs, and the highest I’ve made it is 110, but that was a LONG time ago.

So, here was my work out today:

  • 6×8 100 lbs incline Hammer Strength machine
  • 6×8 45 lbs overhead dumbbell tricep extensions
  • 6×8 65 lbs declince bench press (pardon the light weight, my arms were pretty shot at this point)
  • 6×8 65 lbs tricep pull-downs
  • 8×4 50 lbs flys

Normally, I stick to heavier weight and fewer reps and sets, but I need to see greater gains, both in size and strength. Plus, Monday is always National Chest Day, so getting a flat bench is nearly impossible.

Got any questions? Need tips to up your game? Leave a comment! I’d love to help!!!


Happy Lifting!


P.S.- See visual below for proper bench press form! Bench press

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