Sorry it’s been so long since my last post! Finals week(s) had me running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I took those two weeks to really focus on finishing out school, and I had to sacrifice a lot of trips to the gym. Last weekend, I celebrated turning 23 with my boyfriend and his family in Houston. I pigged out on Friday night with Italian food and custard for my regularly scheduled cheat meal (with a few birthday cake Oreos the next day tehehehe- John is an enabler I swear!). I met with my trainer Sunday to kind of catch up and see where I’m at. So far, so good. We will begin making itty bitty tweaks next week with my diet, but nothing too major yet.


I’m 9 weeks out from The Branch Warren Classic and 11 weeks out from The Lee Labrada Classic, both in Houston! I haven’t really had a whole lot of continuous time to spend in the gym to work out as well as cram in posing practice, especially with my research project for my master’s thesis starting within the next few days (fingers crossed- paperwork is a pain). I’m cramming in workouts whenever I can to try to make up for the two weeks I was out of commission essentially. More stairs, more high rep low weight work, more more more.


With all the low weight high rep work I’m putting in, setting aside my ego has been hard. I hate lowering my weight because I never ever want to appear weak to others around me. I’ve worked too hard for the strength I’ve gotten to let it go to waste. But, to be a successful body builder, I know I have to think AND train like one. That means finding my weaknesses, knowing how to fix them, and implementing the necessary changes to do so. Simple enough, right?

I have new work outs I want to try, I just have to find the time and energy to try them (they’re usually leg work outs and let’s face it- after my trainer’s leg work out I almost never have energy to do anything after lol). I’ll share them and my thoughts on them as soon as I get a chance!


Happy Lifting!