I’m now six days out and it’s been a total roller coaster of emotions the past two weeks. When other competitors say that you will be significantly fatigued for a prolonged period they weren’t kidding around. Tuesday night after my work out, I laid on my bed and proceeded to have a total breakdown. I had worked from 7 am to 5:30 pm that day and the day before with two hour crammed workouts right after work both nights with very little food in my stomach each time so I was thoroughly well beyond physically drained to say the least. So, let me rewind to last week and get you caught up on things.

Last Monday, I began taking daily progress pictures for my trainer so that he could adjust my salt and water intake accordingly. Monday and Tuesday I had to drink 1.75x my normal water intake (137 oz), which put me at 240 oz (about 2 gallons). I was up a few times a night peeing my brains out, to be completely honest, so my sleep quality dropped drastically, which in turn effected my progress and energy. Tuesday and Wednesday I was told to add a total of 2 tablespoons of soy sauce (for sodium loading) to my food for the day; I learned I really like soy sauce on broccoli. Wednesday, I began tapering water by 1 liter each day until today. Today, I am required to consume 1.5 gallons (160 oz) and then decrease it by 0.25 gallons (32 oz) each day until Friday when I’ll drink 0.25 gallons for the day. I will get ZERO sodium after Wednesday, so today I bought natural chicken breasts to slice and cook myself rather than the prepackaged ones. What I end up getting Saturday (show day) will ultimately depend on how my body progresses throughout this week and how much water I lose/retain.

Side note: Heidi Somers states in one of her Q&A videos that salt is bad and has no benefits and should be cut completely from any diet. NO. Iodized salt is important in brain development; iodine deficiency affects more than 2 million people worldwide, and is easily preventable with the use of iodized salt. Iodine deficiency causes mental retardation. Salt is good people! Just not if you are at risk of hypertension (it doesn’t cause hypertension just so you know). *Off my pedestal*

Along with water and salt changes, I’m getting more carbs now! YAY! John said I was more myself this weekend, which I contributed to the carbs. We began adding two plain brown rice cakes to my first two meals of the day Friday and Saturday; I didn’t get any today. Tomorrow I will get 2 at breakfast, and I will add two to one meal each day leading up to Friday where I will be having two at each meal for the first five meals of the day. Thursday at lunch, I will no longer have any veggies with my protein. Thursday will be my last day for cardio (thank God!).

I worked with my posing coach Saturday morning, just checking in and tweaking some things (adding, repositioning, etc.) for practice. She loved my posing and physique progress and reassured me that the weight I have left to lose will fall off this week, so I’m trusting the plan (as I should). I have several posing practice videos, but he quality is pretty low because John got a new phone with a crappy camera (should’ve stuck with Apple). I will be full body shaving on Thursday afternoon before my pharmacology exam. My tanning pro says not to shave more than 12 hours prior to your session. She also has no preference for shaving versus hair removal products like Nair or Hair Away; she just recommends whichever keeps the hair away the longest. Honestly, I’m still concerned with razor burn around my bikini line, so I may use the Hair Away initially and use a razor for touch ups later on if I missed some spots. Unfortunately, I’m still going to need someone to help me get my back and possibly other areas I can’t see as well so my poor roommates may be the victims. I began working on my base tan last week, and after three tans I’ve managed to add some color…. and get a little burned. Note to self: Make sure to THOROUGHLY get ALL areas with tanning lotion!

I’ve created a packing list for this week; I would share it but I don’t want to post it only to have to add several things later on that could help someone). Really the only things I have left to get are a lipstick of my choosing and some powder for touch ups (since I’m getting my make up done super early but won’t compete until late afternoon possibly).

There’s so much going through my mind right now with all that I have going on, but remembering everything that I want to share with you is hard work at this point. Also, it is time for me to go inhale some chicken and broccoli so I can go get round #2 of the stair stepper knocked out.

Let me know if you have questions or want a sneak peak at my packing list!

Happy lifting!!!!