Yup! That’s right! Exactly 26 days until I get to walk across that stage in Waxahachie! My suit came in last week, and no you don’t get to see what it looks like yet. I still have a lot of body fat to lose based on how I look in my suit currently; honestly, I’m terrified that I won’t make it to the size and body fat composition that I need to be before competition. My posing coach keeps reassuring me that the change is very sudden, just a few days out. So, for now, I’m staying strong with my diet and keeping faith.

I weighed myself this morning, and I’m down to 117.4 lbs. Definitely over what I would like to be at the moment; however, I’m blaming it on bloat since it’s that time of the month (and yes, that makes a HUGE difference). I’ve been seeing small changes in my hamstrings and upper abdominals, but until I’m done being bloated I won’t be able to see a whole lot. Fun fact! I worked with my posing coach recently, and she was very much impressed with my glute-ham tie-ins. “What are glute-ham tie-ins” you ask? Well, they are not muscles just in case that’s what you were thinking. The glute-ham tie-in is an area of definition between the most distal (lowest) end of the glutes and the most proximal (upper) portion of the hamstring muscles. How do you get the tie-in? Since the tie-in is not an actual muscle, you have to work the glutes and the hamstrings separately and get lean.


Another fun fact: Elevated cortisol doesn’t cause the body to store fat! Which is good news for me because I’m always stressed. Cortisol a stress hormone responsible for elevated blood glucose; it is released during emotionally, physically, chemically, and physiologically stressful situations from the pituitary gland. Your body consistently produces and releases cortisol for lipolysis; however, if this level reaches a “high dose” release state (impossible unless a pathology/illness is presented), then the body begins to deposit fat. Cortisol is often blamed for fat storage. I can’t tell you how many times my man has told me to relax otherwise my cortisol is bonn make me hold onto fat. So, technically, even though it does increase your blood sugar levels, it does NOT cause fat storage on its own! Just a little physiology for ya on this beautiful Monday.


I’ve been practicing my posing routine(s) 4-5 times per week for at least 30 minutes each time, if my schedule permits. I’m up to 48 minutes of cardio per day split up into two sessions. I’m still doing my trainer’s hamstring murdering leg routine every three days. I’m officially grounded form cheat meals for the remainder of my prep (*heart breaking*). I’m doing my best to eat my 7 meals per day, but since my hunger has been gradually increasing as of late it’s getting easier.

I have a lot to get done in the next 26 days before hitting the stage. Base tanning, re-dyeing my hair, pedicure, fake nails, etc. The list goes on and on, but a lot of it won’t get done until a week out or so (nails mainly).

Happy lifting!