My home work outs didn’t last very long lol oops. I made it back to the gym last Saturday while I was visiting John in Katy. My trainer has me on a new work out regimen and it’s killer! Here it is:

8 Giant Sets of…

  • 1 minute walking lunges progressive loading
  • 15 stiff leg deadlifts progressive loading
  • 8 seated/lying negative hamstring curls (constant weight)

Then, I finish it all off with 5×20 hyperextensions (constant weight) and 100 roll outs. This is to be repeated every three days. I’m still sore from the first day I completed this work out!

I’ve also restarted my cardio program from the bottom, so I’m no longer on the treadmill for an hour and a half a day. Today, I managed to complete 35 minutes of speed intervals on the stair stepper with sore hamstrings.

I’ve been concerned with making my biceps and triceps larger, so I’m going to expand my bicep and tricep workout regimen, as well.

So, competition day is 81 days away, my NPC membership card should be on its way, and I have completed my contest registration form. Upon pay day, I will send the remainder of the registration materials for my contest. I was cruising the contest page and I was excited to see information on companies that will provide hair and make up and tanning services to competitors. I know that they’re at a discounted rate for competitors, but I’m not sure how much of a discount I would get. Regularly, full hair and make up services provided by Flawless Hair would cost $260 without a discount. Tanning services will be provided by Future Image Tanning, although I’m not sure how much they will be charging. I’ve been looking up self-tanning tips, make up tips, etc. in preparation for the big day!

The last of my self-tanning products from Pro Tan USA (Amazon) arrived the other day. I have already tested out the Hair Away and I’m satisfied with the results. I applied a thick layer of the product to one leg as directed and let it sit for 4 minutes exactly (4-5 minutes is recommended, but it should definitely not be left on for more than 10 minutes). I shaved the other leg as a control to see how fast the hair would grow back. The shaved leg became fuzzy again faster than the leg I used the Hair Away on, so yay! No money wasted! But it’ll take probably the whole bottle to cover my entire body.

I get to order my suit in 3 more weeks! AH! So excited! I won’t reveal (or at least I’ll try not to) the color or look of my suit until competition day, so bear with me! I have a ton of preparation to do before contest day, but I’m so excited to see progress again!

Happy lifting!