I know a lot of my friends and family know the results of my first competition, but I wanted to share it on here like I promised, despite my embarrassment.



Unfortunately, I came dead last in my class out of 9 girls. I’m incredibly disappointed in the result because I feel that I brought a damn good package to the stage, but I’m sure every competitor felt that way.

This sport isn’t about who is sexiest. It is about working your ever living ass off day in and day out at the gym to show your best body and your best self. Keeping it classy is an important part of this sport. You can call me a poor sport all you like; I hate losing. Everyone hates losing, but I don’t mind losing to someone that I know deserves it.

I’m still waiting to get my judges’ score cards back from the show promoter after multiple attempts to contact them as well as the NPC Texas VP.

As for my pictures, it took some harassing of Muscular Development Magazine on my part to finally get my pictures up online. The other photographer at the show won’t answer me as far as whether or not he got pictures of me on stage. This whole after-show process has been nothing short of frustrating.

My trainer and I already have the next show in the works. He wants me competing in the Warren Branch Classic and the Lee Labrada Classic two weeks apart in July. I’m scheduled to work both weekends, but I’m trying to get everything worked out well in advance so I can compete. He has me on a new work out plan with more stair stepper and a ton more ab work, which I’ll be sharing with you later this week. He and I will be discussing our plans to change my physique leading up to my show(s) in July later on this week, as well.

In other more important news, John has picked his first strongman competition! June 4th is the date, and I’m super excited to get to be his cheerleader at his first competition! I’m so proud of all he has accomplished this past year, and I’m ready to see him kick some ass!

Happy lifting!