Seriously. I heart me some back work outs. Lats especially! I don’t really have normal “girly lats” either; I have what have been referred to as “wings” on multiple occasions by multiple people. It seems to be the most impressive muscle group on me at this point. They definitely stand out for sure.

I meant to get this work out posted on Tuesday after I KILLED it. Even though my time was limited, I squeezed in as much as I could with what little time I had. I included some bicep work outs to help them grow.

  • Deadlift Ladder: Warm up set at 155 8-10 reps, 2×8 205, 1×3 235, 2×1 245, and back down
  • 6×12 35 lbs hammer curls
  • 6×12 100-110 lbs seated trap rows
  • 6×5-8 30 lbs single-arm curls on the pulley
  • 6×8 55 lbs each side seated rows
  • 4×8 40 lbs overhead press & upright rows

I honestly hate upright rows and overhead press because they’re really uncomfortable for my deltoid tendons and wrists; I usually feel a rolling sensation that I shouldn’t be feeling in my shoulders. I may try the pulley instead of a bar next time and see if it helps.

Have any struggle groups you need to work on?

Happy lifting!