Who’s the most bloated of them all? Me, of course! Eating like a heathen these past few days seriously shows in the mirror, I kid you not. High sodium and high sugar foods that I’ve been destroying myself with in combination with the lack of working out is truly torture on my progress. I have even more motivation (if that’s even possible) now to get back into the gym and stick to my diet.

I still have a long way to go and a lot of progress to make, both in muscle growth and fat loss. So, I’m definitely increasing my work out intensity over the next several weeks to get the gains (and losses) I so desperately need. I am definitely going to focus harder on legs and arms, but I promise I won’t forget my chest and back. I still want to get my bench max up to 135 (that’s always been a goal of mine); I just have to find a spotter I trust to help me. I’ll probably add more lunges and stiff-leg deadlift and increase the number of squat sets I’m doing. Gotta get that booty!

What are your favorite leg day killers? Need help? Let me know!


Happy lifting!