Last week, I checked in with my trainer and sent him more progress pics as usual. Then… We picked a new contest date! The spring season doesn’t officially begin (in Texas anyways) until March 5th. We chose the March 26th City Limits Championship in Waxahachie, TX! Based on this decision, Keith has given me the next four weeks off of dieting; I am to resume my strict dieting the day after Christmas. My first reaction to this news… “BUT I DON’T WANNA!!!!” Yes, I objected to the idea of literally eating anything and everything I wanted anytime. I’m terrified of losing all my progress or even a little bit over the next four weeks, and for good reason! Three months of strict dieting and hard-earned progress could be lost! I don’t want to take leaps and bounds forward only to fall backward. So, I made a compromise with myself: Beginning on Thanksgiving, I would eat whatever whenever while in Dallas ONLY. As soon as I’m back in College Station, I’m back to reality and back on my diet.

Along with the competition choice, I talked to my trainer about when to order my suit. From what I’ve read, other competitors recommend ordering your suit 8 weeks out from your competition because your body shouldn’t change excessively in size over that period of time. However, Keith actually told me it’s never too early to order your suit! I’m still going to wait, but my best friend is already helping me choose the color and design. I’m keeping it a secret as long as I possibly can!

I still have so much to save up for. The suit, make up, tan, nails, and all that jazz along with my NPC membership and competition costs (registration, hotel, food, etc.). It’s going to be expensive, but totally worth it!

I’ll keep you all updated!

Happy lifting!