Last week, I managed to pick up another cold from someone. I started feeling it Friday night when I got to Katy, and it’s almost gone as of today. Against my wishes, I chose to rest up and take time off from working out to heal. I’ll probably take Friday off as well since I’m still not back to 100% today. I’ll try my best to squeeze in work outs on Saturday and Sunday, but I know my body needed this rest week, for real. So did my mind. Advice for the day: When you’re not feeling 100% (i.e. sick!) give your body the time and rest that it needs to recover so you can get back in the game 110%. I’m looking forward to having the energy to absolutely kill it in the gym next week.

It was kind of funny because I had to walk into my classes wearing “regular” clothes instead of work out clothes. One of my classmates actually pointed it out to me today LOL. Yes, I do own regular clothes people. I don’t live in work out clothes.

It’s been a long and exhausting week, and to my dismay I have a ton of work to get done this weekend. Life of a grad student.

Happy lifting!