Long time no write, right?! I have been insanely busy with my master’s program work, training, work, etc. Last week, I averaged 2-4 hours of sleep per night. Now, I’m sick because of it 😦 And I still have a mountain of work to do! I’ve been living off of sugar-free/calorie-free Rockstar energy drinks and Death Wish Coffee (seriously, look them up). To explain how exhausted I’ve been, 12 oz of DWC has 660 mg of caffeine (the average cup of coffee usually doesn’t exceed 100 mg). I can drink a cup of DWC (a solid 20 oz) and still fall asleep in class. Yeah… It’s real.

But enough of my whining. This past weekend I went to Katy again and trained with my man on Sunday morning. I had an extra kick ass leg work out to make up for missing on Thursday. I lifted the atlas stones again with John; I lifted the 80 lb stone several times and moved on to the 100 lb stone. I don’t think I’ve ever been so frustrated with lifting something in my life. I tried several times to lift the stupid 100 lb stone without success, nearly giving up. But I kept convincing myself one more try, one more try. Once I got John to shut up and stop coaching me through it and just let me lift, I got it up and over. I love him dearly and I appreciate all of his help and coaching, don’t get me wrong, but if you make me overthink a lift, I’ll never get it. My back and legs are DEFINITELY feeling it today, no doubt. I’ve got lovely scratches and bruises up the inside of my forearms from the stones. Just in case I failed to mention, the stones are made of concrete. And they aren’t completely smooth. I did several sets of back squats with 135 easy while I was there, too.

They looked awesome before I took a shower! There's some slight bruising underneath that's hard to see, as well.
They looked awesome before I took a shower! There’s some slight bruising underneath that’s hard to see, as well.

Saturday was my cheat meal day, and it was glorious! John’s parents took us to Fogo de Chao in Houston for dinner; I think I almost ate them out of business. I put away probably half my weight in meat and side dishes. OMG THEY HAVE CANDIED BACON! IT’S LIKE HEAVEN IN YOUR MOUTH!!! It was a beautiful menagerie of flavors and scents and foods. Ugh! I want to go back!

After this week, my diet should be changing to be more lenient during the holiday season up until January 1, 2016. I’m excited for the change (more food!) but I’m also nervous because I don’t want to lose all of the progress I’ve made. Hopefully I can talk to him about ordering my competition suit soon! I keep seeing all the pretty ones from Angel Competition Bikinis on Instagram and it makes me more excited!

Let me know what gets you up and awake and moving! Happy lifting!