I’ve been struggling trying to keep my hand out of the cookie jar, literally. My roommate’s parents dropped off giant cupcakes last night, there’s a box of random cookies from the Cookie Cab (whatever that is), a bag of chocolate chip pecan cookies, blonde brownies, and a bowl of unnecessary nonsense sitting on the bar top at eye level each time I go to the sink. This isn’t even including the 3-4 jars of Nutella and Nutella-like substances in the pantry among other things. So, you see my struggle… Sort of.


I ate 5 chocolate chip pecan cookies yesterday in under 5 minutes while I was making my breakfast. Yep. FIVE. At my new job, employees have a menagerie of cookies, snacks, and junk food in all corners of the clinic. Temptation is everywhere I go, except for in class and at the gym. These seem to be my safe zones, but I can’t go to class or the gym every time I have a sugar craving. It’s torture I tell you!

This is what prompted me to create a safe word. Let me explain: Whenever I post this word on social media (i.e. Facebook), I expect to get texts or Facebook notifications bombarding me with motivational fitness images, quotes, personal messages, etc. in order to keep my hand out of the cookie jar and my mind off the sugar. Text me, tag me, post on my Facebook wall, however you see fit to distract and/or motivate me, do it! I’m tired of my personal will cracking because my brain convinces me that “just one bite” won’t set me back until I’m shoveling cookies two at a time in my mouth. Think y’all can do that for me?

I think this is representative of what a lot of people go through when pursuing a competition: They end up having personal struggles that could greatly affect their progress negatively and feel that they need outside help other than from their trainers (by the way, I’ve been too ashamed of my behavior to tell my trainer about my slip ups so shhhhhh!).

Happy lifting!