I didn’t think it was humanly possible, but I’m currently running on 3 hours of sleep and the 5 Hour Energy I drank at 7:30 am… Which means I’m just running on my nap last night. It’s the third week of classes and I am exceedingly overwhelmed with homework, to do lists, and looking for employment. I’ve barely managed to survive up until this point, and I’m still making it to my work outs twice a day (it’s a miracle, I know). However, my ability to resist sweets and treats is rapidly declining. I think this is directly proportionate to the amount of sleep I’m getting each night. I just have to keep reminding myself that my next cheat meal is Friday night when I finally get to go on a date with my man when he comes to visit me. And no, it’s not pancakes for once! *GASP!*

I am starting to notice my body’s changing fat composition now; my arms are definitely leaner, my veins are standing out more on my forearms, my legs have new dips and dimples they didn’t use to have, my triceps are leaner, my biceps are surprisingly bigger, my back is leaner, and my butt just hurts. A lot.

My leg work out on Thursday was relatively mild compared to previous leg day work outs. As you well know, I usually go HARD on Thursdays and softer on Sundays. This past week it was the opposite. Here’s what I did:

  • Box squats- began with 155 lbs for 8 reps and worked up to 200 lbs for 5-6 reps and managed to complete 3-5 sets (I went until I didn’t think I could get another set out)
  • Standing calf raises- 155 lbs 6×20
  • Seated calf raises- 155 lbs as many reps and sets as possible (probably 5×12-15)
  • Seated calf raise for right calf only- 55 lbs 5×12-15 (my right calf has far less mass and definition than my left which is why it gets extra work now)
  • Seated hamstring curls- 75 lbs 8×8-10
  • Barbell hip thrusts- 60 lbs 6×10
  • Walking lunges- 60 lbs 4×20 steps
  • Stiff leg deadlift- 125 lbs 6×8-10

I’m still stiff and it’s freaking Tuesday, people! I need to use my foam roller; I was bad and didn’t stretch post-work out like I should have. Monday (National Chest Day) killed my shoulders, which isn’t a good thing. This means that I didn’t have my scapulas (shoulder blades) pinched together hard enough to prevent the use of my deltoids rather than my pectoral muscles. This occasionally happens to me, but it is definitely preventable. Don’t ruin your shoulders because of improper form!!! Just saying.

Today was back, as usual. I feel like I did a ton of lat work, but I didn’t get a chance to do deadlift. I’m okay with this since last week I made a new PR! I squeezed out a single solid rep at 235 lbs on deadlift last week! This is 5 lbs short of twice my body weight (which is incredible for those that don’t understand this monumental occasion). When my equine reproduction professor heard me discussing this with my classmates, her jaw dropped and she stared bug eyed at me in disbelief. Just because I/you am/are small doesn’t mean you can’t lift heavy! I love surprising people with my strength.

Anyways, I’m probably going to be pulling more all-nighters this semester than any other semester in my past because of my work load at the current moment. I have 3 presentations, 2 exams, a research review article, a lab report, and a mountain of reading to tackle within the next week. Yes, I said WEEK. I’ve already had to skip one day of riding. Let’s see how much I get done tonight before I decide whether or not I’ll be riding tomorrow at all. Sad face.

Happy lifting!