I’ve been struggling to afford my training plan and I’m anticipating a $2,000 minimum splurge here in the next few weeks to pay for all my competition necessities (swim suit(s), tanning, hair and make up products, etc.) on top of my continued insane food costs. With my school schedule, riding, volunteer work, and other obligations my time for a part-time job is pretty limited. I’ve been applying to veterinary clinics all over the College Station area, and so far no luck. I don’t have much time to start saving up money, so the sooner I gain employment the better.

Which is why I decided to become an AdvoCare distributor. I’ve used their product, Spark, and I helped keep me awake without the jittery feeling and caffeine withdrawals. Consider it the “gateway” product haha. I’m interested in distributing the Performance Elite product line to help those I know that are following my journey and are interested in improving in the weight room. I’ve always been very skeptical of distributor companies like this and new products in general; however, I lost all skepticism after learning about the panel of scientists, researchers, doctors, kinesiologists, etc. that test and develop these products. Also, AdvoCare pays a third party company to test all of the AdvoCare products to make sure they are all banned substance-free so that athletes of all kinds can take them safely and without fear.

For the many of you who are interested in weight loss, the 24-day challenge has shown INCREDIBLE results for so many AdvoCare distributors and users alike! I spoke with a group of distributors tonight that all had taken the 24-day challenge and lost weight, lost inches, and even increased lean muscle mass. If this interests you already, it’s $188 for the entire package; it comes with two phases: a cleanse phase (I know cleanse is a scary word) and a nutrition phase. It also comes with a booklet that outlines the complete plan from start to finish on a daily basis. For more information, don’t hesitate to ask!

I hope to earn enough money distributing these products to not only afford my upcoming competition, but also to test more of these products myself so that I can better recommend the products to people that ask about them.

Here is the link to my microsite: https://www.advocare.com/150922033/Store/ . This is where you can order products from me! Also, if you order enough products over time and refer my business to your friends and family, YOU can earn income along with me! Crazy, right?!

I’m super excited to get started, so help a girl out! đŸ˜€

Happy lifting!