Ever since “the incident” (refer to the PSA post for details), I’ve been even more dedicated to my training and eating regimen. I’ve been seeing minor yet significant changes in my body already which has been incredibly uplifting. Without all the dairy in my diet, I’m WAY less bloated than I have been in the past. Turns out I wasn’t as fat as I thought I was! YAY! My triceps are standing out more, too.

I’ve been increasing the intensity of my work outs gradually over the past week. Here’s what Tuesday’s back day looked like:

  • Deadlift 155 lbs 1×8, 175 lbs 1×5, 205 lbs 1×3 and repeat going down in weight
  • Trap cable rows 100 lbs 6×8-10
  • Shrugs (on deadlift machine) 175 lbs 6×10-12
  • Lat pull downs 80 lbs 6×5-8
  • Seated rows 120 lbs 6×5-8

I could have sworn that I did more exercises than this, but I’m having a brain fart. Here is what Wednesday’s arms day looked like:

  • Hammer curls 30 lbs in each hand 6×12-16
  • Tricep overhead extensions 45 lbs 6×8
  • Cable curls w/ tricep pull downs 6×8-10 superset
  • Dips (suspended w/o assistance) 6×5
  • Plate holds 45 lbs 6×30 sec w/ 30 sec breaks

My triceps were KILLING me the next day! I struggle to make my biceps ever hurt, but I’ll jump to the 35 lb dumbbells for hammer curls this week and see how that feels. I’ll add in chin-ups to back day (along with pull-ups); they usually make my lower biceps and forearms ache.

Ooooh, Thursday was leg day! I focused on quad work that day. Here’s what I conquered:

  • Back squats 95 lbs 1×8, 105 lbs, 1×5, 115 lbs 1×5, 125 lbs 1×3 repeat in reverse order
  • Standing calf raises 135 lbs 4×20
  • Seated calf raises 125 lbs 6×10-12
  • Hip abductors 70 lbs 6×10
  • Hamstring curls 90 lbs 2×8, 100 lbs 2×8
  • Leg extensions 110 lbs 6×8

Walking was interesting Thursday hahaha. Friday and Saturday I completed my early morning cardio as usual. Today, I destroyed my hamstrings with the following routine:

  • Front squats 95 lbs 1×5, 105 lbs 1×5, 115 lbs 1×5, 125 lbs 1×3
  • Standing calf raises 155 lbs 4×20
  • Seated calf raises 135 lbs 6×10-12
  • Single-leg leg press (w/ calf raises in between) 6×8 each leg
  • Hip abductors 70 lbs 6×8-10
  • Hamstring curls 100 lbs 6×8
  • Seated hamstring curls 60 lbs 6×8
  • Walking lunges w/ 60 lb bar 4×20 steps

I’m going to be so incredibly sore tomorrow! I’m not looking forward to it at all haha, but that’s what I get, right? I ordered a foam roller from Amazon today in anticipation for the pain that is to come. Thank God for Amazon Prime two-day shipping! Also, if you lift and don’t have a foam roller, I highly suggest investing in one. I bought mine off Amazon for a little over $10, but if you’re in a hurry and have the money to spare you can purchase one for around $35 at Academy. I’m notorious for getting massive knots in my muscles from lifting and not stretching like I should; foam rollers massage the knotted tissue and help break up knots, also referred to as trigger points, in muscle tissue and underlying cartilaginous tissue for continued muscle growth. If you choose to pick up foam rolling, do NOT roll  your joints! Just FYI.

Happy lifting!