I’m hopping on my soapbox so bear with me.

I received a message earlier this evening from a concerned “friend”. I say “friend” because she and I don’t know each other very well on a personal level. All the message included was a link to the National Eating Disorders website (https://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/orthorexia-nervosa) addressing orthorexia nervosa (as you can see in the link). According to this website, orthorexia nervosa is a disorder for people that are obsessed with eating healthfully and the quality of the food they consume. I’m pretty sure the killer stack of pancakes I destroyed this morning for my cheat meal is proof I do not have this disorder. However, for those of you that need me to further explain and/or justify my conclusion continue reading.

7 pancakes total. I ate 80% of the stack smothered in syrup.
7 pancakes total. I ate 80% of the stack smothered in syrup.

Based on what I read about this disorder, I do not spend endless hours preparing and scheduling high quality meals. I am eating a HEALTHY, NORMAL diet that consists of adequate calories from “clean” food. I prefer “non-organic” food to “organic” labeled food simply because I don’t want to be “that person”. However, my trainer prefers that I eat organic (I have no idea why, but he’s my trainer so I don’t argue with him). I define “clean eating” as not stuffing my face with fried food, fast food, alcohol, etc. I don’t look down on people that don’t eat the way I do; that’s silly. Why would I expect everyone else in the world to eat the way I eat? I’m eating this way for a purpose: To compete. Just because you think I eat too healthy doesn’t mean you get to diagnose me with a mental disorder! Did your mother not teach you any manners?!

Sorry, I got a little heated there. To make matters worse, the girl deleted me as a friend on Facebook. She. Deleted. Me. Yup. That’s how that went. I get judged for my lifestyle and suddenly I’m the jerk.

Yes, I’m going to get LEANER and seem skinnier and build lots of muscle, but that does NOT mean I’m mentally ill. I only want supportive and positive people in my corner throughout this process. My boyfriend and my trainer understand what I’m going to go through completely from start to finish, and I can promise you that they will help me and tell me if they think I may have a problem. In summary, don’t be an ignorant a**hole, and don’t EVER suggest that I have an eating or body image disorder!

*end rant*

Happy lifting! (AND EATING!)