Let me just start by saying today was a complete s**t storm. I’m not kidding. God and Mother Nature are in cahoots with one another trying to make me crack, and they’re succeeding. So, I apologize in advance for the incessant whining that is to ensue in the coming paragraphs.

It all really began yesterday when I had to bring my car to the dealership because of a nagging check engine light that comes on and turns off at will. At first, I was told that it would be done by the end of the day yesterday; I soon received a call that they would need it until the next day (today). Alright, no biggy. Do what you gotta do. All was fine until I woke up this morning… late… for a doctor’s appointment that I scheduled in May. Yes, MAY. There’s nothing I could’ve done anyways because my care wasn’t ready until long after my scheduled appointment. NOW, that appointment is scheduled for OCTOBER. This appointment was so important to me because I was going to have my parathyroid hormone levels tested. I’ve told my doctor before that I’m worried I may have hypothyroidism. This would explain my PCOS diagnosis, my brittle hair and nails, constant lack of energy, and awful sleeping patterns. Seriously, I can sleep 8-10 hours, wake up and have breakfast, then sleep another 2-4 hours. Ridiculous, right? I know. I hibernate.

So, I get my car back around noon, make it to the gym for cardio, and by 2 pm the check engine light is back on. I just about lost my mind. We (*cough cough my dad*) have already spent close to $800 at two different mechanic shops to fix this problem! I brought the car back to the dealership after rapidly showering and eating. The rep at the dealership clears the code and the light goes off. I go back to the gym for legs, make it to the barn, aaaaand as I’m leaving… SURPRISE! The freaking light is back on! Of course, after cardio tomorrow morning I’m bringing my car back to the dealership and putting on my best “get this s**t fixed now” face. I’m tired of missing workouts and having to cancel my volunteer hours at the shelter because no one can fix a Honda.

SO! Now that THAT’S out of the way, I can talk about my workout and diet for today! My diet today consisted of sweet potato, spinach (how could it not include spinach, right?), egg whites, chicken, strawberries, cherries, oatmeal, and protein shakes. The cherries were my favorite part, honestly. I finally got something sweet! YAY!

Lunch: Sweet potato, spinach, chicken, egg whites
Lunch: Sweet potato, spinach, chicken, egg whites
Dinner: Chicken, sweet potato, and spinach.
Dinner: Chicken, sweet potato, and spinach.

My snacks were oatmeal, frozen cherries, and a protein shake. I put the cherries in the oatmeal  to sweeten it up, and it was surprisingly delicious. Try it!

Okay, I gotta stop talking about food because I’m getting hungry again. For leg day, I did the following:

  • Single-leg leg press 135 lbs 6×8 with calf raises in between
  • Seated calf raises 125 lbs 6×10
  • Hip abductors 70 lbs 6×10
  • Hamstring curls 90 lbs 4×8
  • Leg extensions 110 lbs 4×8
  • Seated calf raises 115 lbs 6×10
  • Back squats 105 lbs 4×5

Getting through squats was almost impossible. It was between squats and walking lunges at the end. I don’t thing I would’ve finished walking lunges, honestly. My calves are already sore, and the rest of my legs are catching up. I even went riding after my work out, and I was regretting my life choices getting out of the car hahaha.

Comment with your favorite leg day exercise! Which do you hate the most? Would you choose walking lunges or squats?

Happy lifting!