It’s tricky to say the least. I went through a giant tub of spinach in two days… TWO! How is that even possible?

The way my diet works is it is a carb cycling diet; I have three “down days” and one “up day”. Every tenth day, I get a cheat meal. I have two types of down day plans (one has chicken as the main protein, the other calls for beef flank and salmon), two types of up day plans. The chicken down day totals 1200 calories and 47 g carbohydrates. The beef down day totals to 1400 calories and 25 g carbohydrates.

The up days are like carb shockers. They have similar primary protein sources as the down days. So, the chicken up day totals 1300 calories and 147 g carbs; the beef up day totals 1430 calories and 122 g carbs. Protein values between the four plans are similar; however, the down days tend to have protein totals slightly higher than the up days.

As for my cardio plan, I’m doing cardio 6 days a week first thing in the morning (so, 6 AM) as I have to keep my cardio work separate from my weight training when at all possible, according to my trainer. Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays I get a choice between rolling stairs and the treadmill. Tuesdays I can choose between interval treadmill work and interval rolling stair work. Wednesdays I have even more choices! I get to choose between rolling stairs, arc trainer, and the stair master for a target heart rate of 148-149. Fridays I am required to do ladder sprints on the elliptical OR work at a 2% incline on the treadmill. I work for 32 minutes each day; every week, I increase the duration by 2 minutes. This plan will last 8-12 weeks. I drink my Almond Breeze and whey protein shake before I head to the gym for cardio. I hate feeling like I look like the typical “cardio bunny” because I’ve always identified as a meathead, but… gotta do whatcha gotta do, right?

Unfortunately, today has been pretty rough. I’ve been experiencing frequent car trouble, so I brought it to the local Honda dealership for some work this morning, only to find out the mechanic that SHOULD HAVE fixed it in San Marcos screwed me out of $400; yeah, Dad wasn’t too happy about that one. I managed to squeeze in my cardio as usual before I dropped it off, but seeing as I no longer have any form of transportation I could not make it back to the gym for my arm work out (womp womp womp). My car SHOULD be back in working order tomorrow (fingers crossed); being stuck at home has been insanely depressing. I miss the gym! The weights are like a siren’s call! On the bright side, tomorrow is leg day! MY FAVORITE DAY!

Leave a comment below if you have any questions!

Happy lifting!