So, I train legs twice a week. This a personal choice because I know my problem areas and I’m trying to make as much progress as fast as I can. Normally, Sundays are my “mini” leg days; I try to stick to a light-moderate work out with maybe a tiny bit of cardio if I think I have time. However, lately I’ve been increasing the intensity and duration in order to make greater progress.

What I’m focusing on fixing or improving at the moment are my gluteal muscles in general and my vastus medialis muscles. My trainer wants my lean body mass (LBM) up to 100-105 over the next year; however, we are planning to compete in my first show around October or November of this year. Currently, my LBM is 93.36 according to my trainer’s measurements. I have a lot of ground to cover in the next few months.

This is the work out that I completed on Sunday:

  • Front squats 115 lbs 6×3-5
  • Seated calf raises (SCRs) 125 lbs 6×10
  • Hip abductors 70 lbs 6×10
  • Leg extensions 110 lbs 4×8
  • Laying hamstring curls 90 lbs 4×8
  • SCRs (again) 125 lbs 6×10
  • Back squats 115 lbs 6×3-5

I know front squats seem to be a very foreign lift for a lot of people, not just women. I highly recommend researching the movement, checking out videos, and practicing the movement regularly before lifting anything other than the bar. It took me FOREVER to be able to front squat more than just the bar CORRECTLY. Now, my one rep max (1RM) is 135 ass to grass (I ALWAYS go ass to grass on squat movements because it activates more muscles and is easier on your joints).

I didn’t complete any ab or cardio work on Sunday in anticipation of a change in my normal cardio routine from my trainer. I should be getting my new nutrition and cardio plan within the next day or so. Luckily, he said he wouldn’t mess with my weight lifting! Yes, this makes me VERY happy.

As always, let me know if you have questions about my work out or any of the movements!

Happy lifting!