Everyone knows Monday is chest day. DUH! For real though, everyone and their dog shows up to the gym on Mondays to do bench press.

Today, I went a little harder for a little longer than what I’m used to on a typical chest day. Let me explain: Normally, I might do bench press, machine flys, hammer strength press, and dumbbell flys topping it all off with cardio. Instead, this was my work out today:

  • Bench press 65 lbs 1×8, 75 lbs 2×5, 85 lbs 3×5
  • Machine flys 50 lbs 6×8
  • Hammer strength press 110 lbs 4×8
  • Cable flys 15 lbs (each hand) 6×8
  • Incline bench press (with dumbbells) 25 lbs (each hand) 4×5-8
  • Dumbbell flys 17.5 lbs (each hand) 4×5-8
  • Oblique hyperextensions with 25 lb plate 4×10 each side
  • 20 min stationary cycle (low resistance)

I’m used to doing only 4 sets of 5-8 reps of each exercise, so I’m definitely going to feel this tomorrow! Chest day is my least favorite day because I feel the weakest on this day; I just can’t lift as heavy in comparison to my 220 lb deadlift or my 120 lb lat pull down, you know? However, this is progress! Patience is virtue, right?

Tell me, what’s you’re least favorite exercise to work on? Do you have a problem area that you know you should work but you “just don’t wanna”? Let me know!

Happy lifting!