Howdy from College Station, Texas! Call me Caity Sue. Consider this a little introduction to my world.

I graduated with a B.S. in Biomedical Sciences from Texas A&M University in December 2014. I’m currently pursuing a M.Ag. in Animal Science with a focus on equine nutrition prior to applying to veterinary school. The ultimate goal is to become an equine orthopedic surgeon.

You see, my first passion is horses. I’ve been an equestrian riding hunter/jumpers since I was 7 years old, but I was thrust into the “horse world” at the ripe young age of a few months old. The earlier the better, right? Unfortunately, my horse, Paddy has been retired since 2009 after being diagnosed with navicular disease. This development at the height of our career together pretty much ended riding for me because I can’t afford another horse at the moment. I occasionally get to ride other horses for my trainer. But during my four years of undergrad, my infrequency of riding became well… depressing. I needed another outlet.

That’s when lifting came into the picture. I had been lifting since I entered college, but I never truly took notice of how strong I really was. I’m 22 years old and only 5’3″ and 120 pounds; everyone I’ve ever known has called me small… until they saw me lift. When I say lift, I don’t mean what I call “purse weight”; I mean break a sweat to just get it off the rack kind of weight. Now, in the past 6-9 months I’ve decided to chase a new dream: I want to become a bikini competitor.

So, the purpose of my blog is to assist women with similar life circumstances in their own fitness goals. Whether you also want to become a bikini competitor or you just need someone on the sidelines to encourage you to go to the gym that day, I’m here. Let me add a disclaimer: I am NOT a certified personal trainer or nutritionist. The work outs and diets I will share on here are specifically designed by me for me. If you’re interested in challenging yourself by using them, go right ahead! But don’t come crying to me saying, “It doesn’t work! You’re a fake”, especially if you’ve only tried it once.

It is with high hopes that I inspire girls and women everywhere to chase their dreams and to never fear weight lifting. Dana Linn Bailey is my inspiration; though I may not want to look like her, her perseverance and daily undying dedication to her family, friends, self, and fans is truly awe-inspiring. Dana never gives less than her best in and out of the gym every single day. I hope I can do this for you.

Happy lifting!